Based on my 200,000 piece LEGO work, I'm really excited to release these lovely limited edition art kits.
After finishing the main art piece, I recrafted a number of the buildings to be finer and richer than the original.
Unlike traditional building sets, the majority of pieces in these kits are very small (1x1 plates).
This allows for a fantastic amount of detail in minimal space. Great for displaying on desks or the bookcase.

from CONTACT 1
This is an art series of 200 based on Contact I: The Millennial Celebration of the Eternal Choir, K'al Yne, Odan.
Each kit comes in a gold 'Odan' box with pieces, a signed, numbered and stamped certificate of authenticity,
beautiful instructions (pdf), a small 4" x 6" print and description of the model. 

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery as I source the pieces and pack the set.

Dawn Residential Tower
3120 piece
$520 + S&H
Sanctuary Gate Kit
1600 pieces
$350 + S&H
Mountain Retreat
Museum Kit
1060 pieces
$230 + S&H
Mountain Retreat
Mtn Retreat Kit
570 pieces
$115 + S&H

Seer's Meditation Tower Kit
260 pieces
$80 + S&H
Pdf instructions of each model may be purchased through PayPal
Send total to
Please remark which instructions you are purchasing.
Upon receiving PayPal notification, I will send you
an email with a download link. Instructions are 35-100MB each.

Special discount for purchasing all instructions: $25 (a $10 savings)

Dawn's Light Residential Tower - $10
Sanctuary Gate - $10
Near Galactic Arts Museum - $5
Mountain Retreat- $5
Seer's Meditation Tower - $5


Large Print: $60 (+S&H)  Poster Print $135 (+S&H)
Each art limited edition art print is signed, stamped and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity –
which is also signed, stamped and numbered. All giclée prints are on heavy archival quality art paper with archival inks.
Two sizes are available: Large (11.3" x 12.5") and Poster (24.5" x 26"). The poster image has incredible detail
that cannot be seen well in the smaller formats.