Sa Ameen: Dawn's Light Residential Tower

$520 (+ S&H)


19cm x 17.5cm x 45.5cm

This 3120 piece model is a limited edition art model of 200.
The Lego system kit comes in a golden 'Odan' box with:

  • 3120 Lego pieces
  • A signed, stamped and numbered certificate of authenticity
  • A stamped note on the history of the building
  • A lovely, 4"x6" stamped and signed art print of Odan
    Lego Work
  • A pdf building instructions

Standing at 120 stories, the 1450 year 
old Sa Ameen is one of the larger
freestanding structures of K’al Yne. Four towers connect at a central hub. Here, shafts penetrate the foundation where the Seer’s meditation ‘dark chambers’ are located. Each tower comfortably houses around 150,000 members of the ancient Sari clan.

The Sari clan is the second largest of the 18 clans in K’al Yne and serve as K’al Yne’s primary spiritual force. All spiritual leaders, known as Seers, come from the Sari. The Sari are further divided into 12 separate “houses”, which represent the various ancient family lines. Each house serves a unique specialty within the community. For example, one house focuses on administration activities, another on general spiritual needs, another on more specialized spiritual activites – like meditation-based food production. Being born into a particular house in a clan is predetermined before birth when in the spirit form. Generally speaking, most family members have reincarnated into the same house hundreds or thousands of times. In this way, their talents carry through instinctively to support an increasingly specialized society.

As with most buildings on Odan, windows are kept to a minimum to maintain the pristine night sky. Advanced fiber optics turn walls into virtual solid windows which provide the light, the views, the sounds and the fresh air from outside.

The Sari prefer to spend time with large extended families rather than stay tight within individual family units. To this end, apartments tend to have but a few rooms for sleep, meditation and hygiene. More space is dedicated to open play and community activities such as meals, worship, schooling, work and entertainment. In addition, approximately 15 floors have been reserved for gardens, waterfalls and plant life. Here, enough food is provided for the entire Sari with surplus that is shared among some of the other clans. These green areas generally lie directly outside apartments and serve as a barrier between public and private spaces.

As all Seers are raised within Sa Ameen, deep meditation quarters have been created to facilitate their habitat and spiritual growth. Located between the four towers are special dark chambers, devoid of any light or sound. These unique areas provide the necessary extended meditation they will need to focus their third eyes. With the care of loved ones, Seers begin their monastic life at the age of 14, here in Sa Ameen. As an adult, they will retreat to various monasteries and sanctuaries throughout K’al Yne.

From the archives of Y'des eb Sirith