Is a term for the original sentient seed races that inhabited the universe. Only six of these currently exist, though none in this dimension. Some individuals from these races work toward raising the vibration of other races through spiritual means. Others work with Ci in the creation and genetic development of new worlds. All members of these races are light beings of unimaginable love and power. Because of this, when they do present themselves in the thrid dimension, they are often mistaken for angels.

Each city in Odan has their own set of clans. These are extended family lines that generally live and work together. Members of clans have similar professions and reinforce each other with similar knowledge centers (schools) and daily rituals. K'al Yne, for example, has 18 clans of various sizes.

This is the archaic term to describe the humanoid template. What we call human is known throughout the galaxy as Dei. There are millions of variations to this template as it is one of the most popular molds for entry of this level of consciousness into the 3rd dimension. Other molds include sea dwelling creatures, pure energy and various other mammalian and insectiod types.

Kel Ala Enam (Body Dolls)

are  bioengineered clones meant to replace aging bodies. Under certain extreme conditions individuals may find that they need to remain on the planet for extended periods. When such cases arise, a body can be grown to receive the consciousness of the older body. The harvesting process generally takes 10-20 years to grow a body. This time is needed in order to facilitate a smooth transfer so that the incoming consciousness will readily take to the new body.

Such body 'dolls' or shells are fully biological and match in all ways the recipient's body. While technology exists to enhance all factors of the body, no such enhancement are made so that the individual will continue as before. The only cosmetic differences that are apparent relate to age. Surface mapping is meant to replicate an individual and, after sufficient time, the body will slowly reverse back to mid age and then progress forward until it, like the original body, no longer can function.

Seran is an example of an individual who required Kei Ala Enam. In his 4th, 5th, 8th and final 12th incarnation, Seran required much more time to complete important spiritual missions. In his 8th incarnation he underwent this procedure twice to ultimately extend that incarnation to over 670 years!

The Sari clan is the second largest clan in K'al Yne and serve as K’al Yne’s primary spiritual force. All spiritual leaders, known as Seers, come from the Sari. The Sari are further divided into 12 separate “houses”, which represent the various ancient family lines. Each house serves a unique specialty within the community. All Sari (with the exception of some Seer's) live in Sa Ameen – the great residential tower.

A coalition of high order civilizations whose mission to bring lower vibrational civilizations toward the light has attracted members from all corners of the universe. Currently 6.2 billion worlds and 520 million races are involved in rescuing failing planetary civilizations. With the complete loss of 52 self destructive planetary races last year alone, the SCoE has stepped up efforts for recruitment. The SCoE uses a variety of techniques to aid planets away from self destruction toward the light. Techniques include telepathic influences (shifting individuals' thoughts away from selfishness), neutralization of weapon of mass destruction, planetary stabilization (from seismic to pollution dispersion), scientific enlightenment (toward free energy) and planetary containment (for the safety of the greater universal community). Incarnation into these populations are an extreme step, where individuals can very easily get caught in a karmic cycle. However, if such individuals are able to 'awake' to their potential while incarnate, they can have a great effect on others. Major efforts are currently underway for "threshold" civs including Phten, Coaridn, Z'Ona, Earth and Kalendi.

Experienced 12 incarnations in K'al Yne and is considered one of the ascended masters from Odan. His first incarnation was unusual enough with visits from powerful angels and spirit guides as a young child. Leaders from the group of Seers knew of the prophecies of old which foretold the arrival of a great Seer which would bring change, revelations and order to the Seers community. These prophecies did come true through Seran. His first incarnation was known as the wisdom years, where Seran was to grown versed in many of the concepts from the years. In his fourth - sixth incarnations, Seran was to return to break apart the old order of Seers and institute a more powerful set of Seer vocations. This began to usher in a new era of enlightenment.

The Oder of Seers

The SEERS (Issi Onano)
Is the term for a broader category of mystics. Generally, they are born into their vocation by virtue of the clan which they incarnate in. Often, Seers live parts of their lives in monastic tradition. Silence, inner reflection, meditation and sensory deprivation are all aspects of the lifestyle in many of these cases.

The primary Orders of Seers are as followers: 
  • Issi Ec'al Dian
    The Garden Keepers): Soil/plant based communion
  • Issi da Um Ilan 
    The Light Bringers):
    Energy healing and energy transfer
  • Issi Vi'an (The Celestials):
    based (including Odan) communion
  • Issi U Toran (The Mechanics of Nature):
    Explores mechanics of consciousness
  • Issi K'ra Iban'sa
    (The Enlightened Ones:

    A variety of functions, including ceremony
  • Issi Ilan ce Tzi Ora
    (The Rays of Hope):

    Extra terrestrial vibrational raising 
  • Issi Io
    (Animal Communicators):

    Animal based communion

(Issi Ec'al Dian)

This special group of Seers is primarily responsible for transferring energy towards plant life. Telepathically and emotionally, they remain the strongest link to the plant kingdom. Those Garden Keepers in K'al Yne live in the Sanctuary Gate, where they also promote the garden's growth. Sixteen Trees of Life have set root on Odan through the work the Garden Keepers have maintained. Their name means: (Issi) Spiritual communion with (Dian) the kingdom of (Ec'al) plants.

The Light Bringers
(Issi da Ci Ilan)

This group of Seers is the highest order of healers. Generally, most on Odan can heal themselves or whith a group through meditation and prayer. At times, intense healing is needed for the restoration of lost limbs, sudden injury or unusual interplanetary contagions. In such cases, the injured or sick are brought to the Light Bringers. They have unusually powerful techniques of healing through different modalities of light and energy. Da Ci Ilan means: channeling (or focusing) of source light. 

The Celestials
(Issi Vi'an)

This is a group who can best communicate with Odan and other celestial bodies. They are one of the highest of orders amongst the Seers as the intelligence of celestial bodies is vastly higher then humanoids. Their role is to best find ways to bring balance between the needs of plants, animals, Odanians and Odan. The local Tribunal of Celestial Movements (ToCM) works directly with this group in order to educate and assist in the highly complex assortment of needs.

The Mechanics of Nature
(Issi U Toran)

This group of Seers is the most practical and grounded of the Order. They are part scientists and part mystics. Working with leading scientists, they advise on matters of fusing consciousness with electronics and the elements. This is the nature of all scientific endeavors and their expertise in consciousness is of great need for advancement.

The Enlightened Ones
(Issi K'ra Iban'sa)

This Enlightened Ones are the teachers and councilors of advanced mysticism. Their focus is on enlightenment and the nature of the soul. There are a variety of specialties within this group all relating to soul advancement and how to bring individuals closer to an enlightened state of being. This order has the most extreme range of social isolation and interaction. Self enlightenment comes from searching within through meditation, but enlightenment is also measured by one's behavior with others. This tends toward a cycling of ones focus, from long periods of meditation – up to years and decades – to a form of teaching and evangelism. Seran was part of this order.

The Rays of Hope
(Issi Ilan ce Tzi Ora)

This Rays of Hope work with troubled civilizations whose battle between good and evil (constructive and destructive natures) is taking them to destruction. Working directly with Sed Corps of Enlightenment, this group moves transdimensionally to other worlds with the hope of raising the consciousness of societies. This group is currently in the highest demand as oppressive forces have taken down a great number of worlds in the past years.

The Animal Communicators
(Issi Io)

This group of Seers is the most in tune to the needs of the animal kingdom. They work with representatives of all species to maintain balance and harmony throughout Odan. Like the Rays of Hope, they can do mission work as necessary, partnering with local animal kingdoms for their survival.

the Spiritual Realm

Like a hologram, all space is infused with the greater consciousness. Upon reaching a certain level of enlightenment, one may access this body of knowledge. Here is recorded all that has been and all possibilities of what will be. When entering the Akashic, one can relive previous incarnations, see probable future incarnations and gather information of all kinds.

Ci (the SOURCE)
An all powerful, infinite force of pure love which is responsible for all creation. Through meditation, the Odanians can access aspects of Ci to aid in healing and to lift the spirit in difficult times.

Odan and the physical universe make up the third dimension. Odanians have found each dimension has a fundamental vibration corresponding to a level of goodness and purity. Pure evil can be found in the first and second dimensions which vibrate slowly and are 'dense'. The third and fourth dimensions are the border territories between the lower and higher dimensions. It is here where battles between good and evil abound. The fifth dimensions and above are increasing levels of love and light.

The Odanians have found all humanoids have powerful spirit guardians which assist in their spiritual goals while mortal. The guardians protect and offer help and guidance through the subconscious and during dream states. These guardian spirits report directly to the Source and are extremely powerful entities.

When a spirit (aka consciousness) decides to enter the third dimension in physical form to live a life, it must incarnate. As new life is created in the third dimension all forms become inhabited with a consciousness which moves from ethereal form to physical through the incarnation process.  

Upon the death of the body, the spirit will return to light to assess lessons learned and future lessons that may be learned through another incarnation. Mid level enlightened spirits will, at times, incarnate on other planets in need of enlightenment. Such spirits will appear as enlightened masters.

This uneven grid of invisible lines crisscross all over Odan. Through this natural energy network, travels – much like blood through veins – the life force of the planet. Positioning key centers of meditation for Seers is vital to harnassing the powerful energy for spiritual work.

Odanians have found all is infused with spirit. Also known as consciousness, this is the distinction (or separation) between individual life forces. These life forces are divided into categories of consciousness. Some consciousness' are humanoid in nature. When they take on physical form, they will be in humanoid or other archetypal bodies. Others are plant consciousnesses which manifest in plant forms. There are also, rock, water and celestial (moon, planets, stars, etc) spirits which incarnate appropriately.

All of consciousness is incarnate with special powers. Telepathy, astral projection, healing, transmutation, weather control, bi location and time travel are but a few aspects of the spirit. Mastering them is the goal of all sentient species.

Measurements of a civilization's level of technology. First Step technologies begin with consciousness. Another way to put it is the understanding of the relationship between mind (consciousness) and matter. Because the universe operates in known ways, very ancient civilizations – including the Archaics – have long since mapped out the evolution of technology. Steps are measured on a scale of 1 - 100 after which is entered modalities of transcendence (Ages of Light) where measurements of advancement are of a completely different nature.

To better relate the concept, at one time Earth had some First Step technologies around healing, construction and energy. Such technologies have been lost. Egyptian high priests had some knowledge of healing, construction and energy handed down from even more ancient civilizations. These were gradually lost and mankind deevolved to the position we are currently at. Overall, Earth is not at Step Techs, though some individuals and indigenous cultures do have the knowledge.  

The universal form of communication is telepathic. This connection can be made between all states of consciousness – whether animal or plant or in physical or non physical form. While Odanians have a language which is often used for casual conversation, telepathy works best for more complicated discourse. With telepathy, whole concepts can be thought and received in an instant as chunks of information, rather than transmitted word by word as in normal speech.

Often in meditation, one's third eye – located in the crown chakra – will open. This allows an individual to see into other dimensions. More advanced races and specialists have developed such that this eye is constantly 'turned on.'

When Odanians have come to a point in life where their bodies are too restrictive and worn, they prepare for an exit ceremony. Here, many in the community gather in special Sa'Ohr centers where they celebrate the life of the particular individual. At a ceremonial point in the event, the individual will lie down and – with the help of Seers – reach a deep meditation where their spirit can exit the body. When the spirit is observed leaving the body, the celebration continues throughout the night. The name, Sa'Ohr (Westing), originates from the course of the sun through the day moving west until disappearing below the horizon. Just as the sun disappears and reappears again, so too will the soul reappear reincarnated at some future time as another member of the community.

Creation and the Creative Process

This concept relates to the Laws of Universal Creation. Every unique pattern is stored upon its creation and can be accessed and recreated at any time. Such stored patterns will increase in strength, the more they are accessed. Patterns can be physical molds (blueprints) for objects or behavioral molds. Strength is the ease at which it can be recreated – either through direct intelligent manipulation or through evolution.

For instance, if a flower has been created on a planet, it has a chance of appearing on another planet either through the evolutionary process or through direct DNA manipulation. The more planets it appears on, the more likely some variant of it will spring to life on other planets (because its mold has gained strength). Similarly, the more times it has been created, the easier it will be to recreate directly (through genetics or experimentation) by sentient species. (See also: Dei)

This is the process of transferring one's awareness outside the body. Generally induced by meditation or special foods, individuals may 'pop' out of their body into other dimensions. In so doing, they can travel throughout the universe without the restrictions of a body. This travel (or astral travel) can feel 'ghost-like' where one will not be seen by others and can move through objects at unlimited speeds. Thus, consciousness is far, far faster than the speed of light. At a certain point, societies will reach a level of understanding which will synthesize this experience – through electronics – in order to travel transdimensionally. This allows for intergalactic travel and communications.

One of the spiritual powers relating to telepathy.
As all life forms are conscious, Odanians can communicate telepathically to animals of all orders. Communications are not a word by word phenomena, but rather are combinations of emotions, visual and auditory projections and pain/pleasure sensations.


Located within Sa Ameen (Dawn Residential Towers) and monasteries throughout K'al Yne, these meditative chambers help to sharpen Seer's third eye. These sensory null spaces, remove distractions and focus the mind, eventually allowing one to see without the use of eyes (the third eye).

A massive residential tower in K'al Yne which houses the 750,000 member Sari clan. The structure has four primary living towers, a central core (which contains the "Dark Chambers") and a large variety of communal spaces. Food is grown within the building, which uses these green spaces as buffer areas between living quarters along the outer walls and communal areas deeper inside the building.


Also known as the Flower of Life. This off-world flower grows wild in parts of Odan. The Sara was seeded by the Archaics throughout the universe. (The Earth variation is known as the Lotus Flower.) The geometry exhibited in these flowers are of the highest order of sacred forms. On many of the ancient planets, variations on Sara are crushed and used to inhibit strong out-of-body states.

A very powerful trance inducing fruit unique to Odan. The white outer hide is somewhat soft but bitter tasting. Upon picking, one must slice open immediately and consume. The glowing inner flesh indicates the fruit's potency and will generally last but 10 or 15 minutes. After that, it will lose both its effect and sweetness. For this reason, the Issi' ecia melon can not be stored, shipped or juiced. Its name, ecia is a term which means under the tree, or near the spirit of the tree and refers to the communal nature of where it is consumed. Issis is a monastery or spiritual center, whereas Issi is spiritual living.

When a civilization has entered into enlightenment, often writing will begin to disappear or radically change. Given telepathy and access to Akasha through meditation, information can be obtained quicker than through the written word. Text becomes more of an art than anything else. Writing systems will evolve from a letter by letter, word by word transcription, to more of a emotive / metaphorical condition. Symbols telepathically infused can carry pages of information in one scribble. Much as the words "Merry Christmas" can express many shared feelings and traditions, so too do these more evolved writing systems when infused telepathically.