Odan welcomes you to our mystical paradise. Well known for our exotic locals, lush flora and quiet retreats, we have much to offer in the way of relaxation and spiritual growth. Attune yourself to the Odanian vibration with our state-of-the-art astral travel chambers. Meditate with spiritual Otaki masters. Savor our Issi'ecia melons which will ease you into a naturally induced out-of-body state. No matter what your level of enlightenment, those looking for spiritual advancement will find Odan to be a delightful vacation destination.

Our peaceful nature has brought our planet constant growth and harmony. We share our world with the plant and animal kingdoms – respecting both orders as partners in enhancing the function and beauty of Odan. Odanians are very generous with their time and gracious hosts. We take pride in our involvement with a number intergalactic exchange programs. At this time, we have a flourishing exchange with over 800 partner planets.

Vacationing in Odan
The lush world of Odan attracts vacationers from galaxy local looking for relaxing getaways filled with beautiful vistas and near yearlong perfect weather. You'll find that Odan – known as the jewel of Tyrus V – has extensive excursions where visitors can learn about, and personally interact with local flora and fauna. 

Odan has a number of tourist cities – including Sen Toth, Ctet and K'al Yne – some notable museums, outstanding astral travel chambers and an overall charm evoked through monastic and spiritual living. This year, make sure to visit K'al Yne, whose Eternal Choir is celebrating their one thousandth year of continual music. As with all Eternal Choirs, song is uninterrupted all day and night, every day. Due to high demand, you'll need to book two months ahead of time to secure a hotel in K'al Yne. If visiting to hear the choir, join us in the spring months when the lantern festival is in full swing. 

While Odan welcomes tourist ships of all sizes, classes H and lower are highly recommended. Larger ships are not given access to city ports and must be docked in the industrial zones. From there, ultra high speed rail can get you to most planetary destinations within the hour. Of course smaller parties can catch scurry crafts for near instant travel to their hotels.

Our most popular attraction is our mystical center, The Great Temple of Odan. Built over the course of 750 years, the massive structure serves as a symbolic guidepost to our identity in relation to the universe. The temple has three distinct sections: the Creation Chambers, the Halls of Progression and the Towers of Ascension. They can be viewed together or individually depending on your time allowance. To get the most out of this, you will want to set aside at least 2 days for a tour and up to a week for a full immersion – which includes astral recreations of ceremonies.

The wildlife on Odan is very friendly, allowing visitors the opportunity to commune – and even pet – what might appear to be the fiercest of beasts. All wildlife are highly telepathic and generally tolerant – if not cordial – to off-world guests.

Visitors will be particularly pleased by the planetary scent. Upon first exposure to the atmosphere, you will be greeted with an undeniable sweet fragrance of our large variety of flora. 

Our spiritual fruits are among the best in our galaxy neighborhood. The rich, tangy flavor these fruits deliver is very pleasing. The deep, sustained trances that follow are likely to bring you to a very high out-of-body state. (If you have not eaten a strong spiritual fruit before, we recommend asking a local for assistance, as some fruits can be overwhelming to certain races.) Efforts to transplant the more powerful fruits off-world – including the popular Issi’ecia melon – have not been met with success. The only way to truly experience their powerful effects is to enjoy a fresh one on here on Odan!

Mission Work
Odan is a full status partner with Sed Corps of Enlightenment (SCoE) and contributes resources to the Corps of Perfection. Through the SCoE, we have ambassadors in four galaxies and 42 systems where vibrational lifting is sustained. 

Odan does not participate in ground mission work but prefers to utilize its Seers on site trans dimensionally with techniques such as general vibrational raising, thought implanting and bliss immersion. In addition, our specialized order of Seers known as Garden Keepers work telepathically with plants to clean atmospheres and increase food and plant production. Our missionaries also work with the local animal kingdoms to combat environmental concerns.

We are proud to have participated in the success of a number of planetary raisings, including: Mela, Seq O, Zed and Otharmn. Currently, we are part of major efforts in a number of highly unstable planets, including Phten, Coaridn and Earth. May their chorus one day join ours!
Odanians tend to live in clans, which provide a tight knit social structure framed around occupational specialties. Generally, clans are broken down into groups of similar talents: physical skills, communication skills, physic skills (known as the Seer's), piloting, engineering and managerial are but a few. In larger cities, massive structures are often built to bring clans under one roof. Festivals are common in each county and city, providing a good opportunity for clans to mingle about. 

Odanians tend to reincarnate in the same clans, such that skills learned are reinforced and grow through each incarnation. In this way, over many millennia, our society has grown increasingly more specialized. Depending on the continent, you will find some clans with mixed races and others race specific.

There are three distinct races in Odan – as well as a rich mix of (inter)galactic guests – which are fairly well represented on each continent. The Ora are our First Dwellers on Odan. Know them by their pale blue skin and deep green eyes. They have a piercing beauty with their large curious eyes. Like many planets in the region, Odan has a large Sirith population, following their planetary exodus. You'll be surprised to find that Odan has a respectable representation of Togs. Due to a chance settlement on the northern continent, the Tog race took hold and flurished. Much like the Sirith, their arrival was part of an exodus (albeit a small contingency on Odan) during their well recorded Middle Era oppression.

Odan's abundant plant resources allow for a vast seed trade which is a vital part of our economy. Seed trade alone accounts for 60% of planetary income with tourism at 25%. Odan's main import relates to construction materials and grade 14 technology.

While Odan is a communal civilization, you'll find plenty of welcome opportunities to spend your credits throughout the main cities. Generally, prices are suggested as most smaller merchants consider purchases as community donations. Travelers will be pleased to find that Odan uses the standard uC (universal credits) having no local currency of our own.

Odan is a Fourth Step technology planet with a focus on vibrational tech. Our fascination with the arts and architecture have resulted in particularly higher tech Steps in these two categories. 

(There are two core fundamental aspects to understanding Odanian's knowledge – that of vibration and that of intent. Vibration is force and energy. All matter is a result of vibration and can be manipulated as such. Intent is thought put into motion – which is vibrational as well. Thus, intent influences matter. It is the act of controlling intent which lies at the heart of all forms of study. 

Intent can manifest through what one does, what one thinks or a combination of both. For example, combining thought with sound frequencies – like musical tones – can have implications in the way plants grow or how pure a body of water can be.  From healing to farming, weather control to water purification, communication to construction, synchronous minds can achieve much to sustain and advance the society. Thus, controlling one's feelings – which is a form of intent – is a large part of becoming a good member of Odanian society.)

Odan has not yet earned a seat in the Intergalactic Council of Life, but is fast approaching a level of evolution that could put it under consideration. For now, our planet remains under the jurisdiction of our local Tribunal of Celestial Movements. Given our peaceful and enlightened status, the ToCM primarily partners with us in offering understanding toward the care of Odan. Under ToCM guidance, we have committed significant time and resources to planetary healing and growth through ToCM trained vibrational techniques.

Local city states and counties are represented by Elders which are generally chosen through Seers. Seers, themselves, are unable to serve in government services but rather influence its members through trance readings. Such trance readings provide non partisan clarity in aligning capabilities to posts. Elders are primarily responsible for adapting ToCM measures for planetary health.