3rd Odan DIY Kit available on Pley

The Mor Eli Issis Dian model kit (along with 2 others) will be available on Pley for rent or purchase starting Feb 2015.

Mor Eli Issis Dian
Dock and Gate entrance to Dian with spacecraft
979 Pieces

This is one of the great entrance gates (known as Mor) leading to Issis Dian, home of the mysterious group of Seers known as Issi Vri Dian (the Grounded Ones). These Seers live deep underground throughout Odan. The caverns follow the uneven grid of invisible energy lines that crisscross all Odan.
The caverns follow the uneven grid of invisible energy lines that crisscross all Odan. This natural energy network travels throughout the planet providing the life force which governs growth and healing. Through meditation, these Seers focus their energies toward planetary growth. As they do this, plants flourish, water is purified and harmony is increased to an extremely high level in areas of focus.

Having spent their lives entirely underground, the Issi Vri Dian have evolved pure white skin and smaller eyes. They are able to ‘see’ psychically with their mind (or third eye) for the most part and have little use for physical eyes. One of the unfortunate aspects to their subterranean lifestyle is their inability to withstand the intensity of daylight. On rare occasion when an Issi Vri Dian needs resurface, it must be done at night.

Visitors, dignitaries and members of Sed Corps of Enlightenment can enter the great caverns by docking at ports on the gates – such as this one – and follow high-speed transports that carry them to important centers within the cavernous cities. Visitors will notice that the landing pad is a torch that is being held by an ancient mystical being known as the Ud’al. The Ud’al were enlightened beings originated when the universe was young. They created Odan and helped to seed the planet with life. This entrance, which stands nearly 60 stories high, symbolizes Odanians’ quest to further the development of the planet and cultivate the rich, lush environment to even higher levels of fruitfulness. 

This model and two others will be available though the Lego subscription site, Pley starting in Feb '15.

Another Odan Model available through Pley

The Sa'Ohr birthing center model kit (along with 2 others) will be available on Pley for rent or purchase starting Feb 2015.

East and west birthing centers
990 Pieces

Located deep within the tranquil forests of Odan, the beautiful Sa’Ohr birthing centers can be found. They are instantly recognizable by their ornate double temple format. This iconic structure represents the two types of births all experience – from spirit to physical body and physical body to spirit.
Just as the sun moves from east to west – disappearing briefly at night only to rise again, so too are births marked in the East and West Temples. Babies are delivered in the east structure and aged individuals go to retire to the western structure. Thus, the cycle of life is captured both symbolically and physically within the beautiful temple designs. The typical design of a Sa’Ohr uses dramatic shifts of wall planes to cast shadows that move with the sun. As light filters into the temples through the many columned and windowed vaults, beams of light dance from the ceiling throughout the day as moonlight glides down at night.

Like many buildings on Odan, the Sa’Ohr extend deep into the ground, making for very massive structures. Underground chambers connect with elegant pools of water, flowing channels and spectacular waterfalls which the ceremonies center around. Both events are marked with great celebration. For newborn babies, families and friends gather to celebrate and greet. Celebrations involve singing, swimming, eating, playing games and laughing. Typically, this celebration can last 2 - 4 days. There is a naming and blessing ceremony as well as events where Seers foretell special abilities and challenges in store for the newborn based on the position of the stars and planets.

Many years later, when an individual has lived a long and fruitful life and the body has grown tired, he or she will choose to exit the body in the West Temple to become, once again, directly connected to the spirit world. Days are spent with friends and family, reminicing the good times, the struggles and the accomplishments of a rich, full life. At a given time, the retiring individual will meditate on a platform surrounded by waterfalls and release their spirit from the body, which can be witnessed by all. From there, a new celebration begins as the community sings to the exiting spirit. The music is rich and full as angelic spirits sing and welcome this ‘newborn’ back into the spirit world. Much like the sun will rise again, so too will the individual return one day in the East Temple to be born again to a new family and live once more a physical life on Odan.

This model and two others will be available though the Lego subscription site, Pley starting in Feb '15.

New Odan Model available through Pley!

This new model kit (along with 2 others) will be available on Pley for rent or purchase starting Feb '15.

Puna Da’Mi Ador
Lake island Puna
992 Pieces

Arising out of Odan’s deepest lake – the Lake of Reflections (da’Mi Ador) – stands a great puna of Odan. This puna stands about 40 stories high and is about the size of our great pyramid of Giza. 
It also extends as deep down into the volcanic island rock which quadruples its overall size. The massive puna structures, located strategically throughout Odan, passively collect and emit a special kind of energy which effects mood, health and the well-being of inhabitants. The huge, precise geometric chambers throughout each puna have been designed to harness energy frequencies that are natural to the planet. Through a process of passive amplification, these special energies are broadcast great distances to enhance the lifestyles of Odanians everywhere.

While much of Puna Da’Mi Ador are empty energy collection chambers, there are living quarters for hundreds of individuals. These people work to maintain the puna and infuse crystals which are brought into the structure for purification. By attuning the crystals to the different frequencies emitted by the puna, workers can create powerful crystals for use throughout Odan. These cyrstals can aid in healing, be used for transportation, levetation and focusing of beams for manufacturing.

Puna Da’Mi Ador is an extremely quiet, peaceful place. It is also very isolated. Located far within the Lake of Reflections, residents use their powers of levetation to float over the lake to reach distant communities. The air and energy is so pure in this region that very few are allowed. If one is not prepared, the effect of the local high energy atmosphere can be overwhelming. One must be of extremely high attunement and reflection to enter the area of this great puna. The rewards of spiritual devotion needed to survive this area are great, though. Residents of Puna Da’Mi Ador live much longer, happier lives then most. 

This model and two others will be available though the Lego subscription site, Pley starting in Feb '15.


The mystical world of Odan is a fascinating bridge between many concepts that I enjoy – consciousness, spirituality and ETs.
This story allows exploration into these timeless mystical principles which have found common roots throughout disparate cultures in our history. As quantum physics delves into issues of entanglement, non-locality and superposition, mystical principles long known by meditators are finding a way into scientific investigation.

Concurrently, consciousness research is providing conclusive results in the effects that conscious thought can have over matter. Researchers such as Russell Targ and Ingo Swann – with the militiary's 35+ year research / remote viewing program – have successfully documented extending awareness over distance and time. Others, such as Rupert Sheldrake, offer evidence of animals’ ability to sense human intentions from distances. Dean Radin has spent his lifetime documenting psi effects in a controlled laboratory climate to odds against chance going into the trillions. These and many more pioneering researchers suggest a world far more rich and exciting than we are led to believe through the materialistic science point of view.

New Glossary Entry: Kei Ala Enam (Body Dolls)

SERAN from his 8th incarnation

FROM THE ODAN GLOSSARY: Kel Ala Enam (translated: Body Dolls) are bioengineered clones meant to replace aging bodies.

Under certain extreme conditions individuals may find that they need to remain on the planet for extended periods. When such cases arise, a body can be grown to receive the consciousness of the older body. The harvesting process generally takes 10-20 years to grow a body. This time is needed in order to facilitate a smooth transfer so that the incoming consciousness will readily take to the new body.

Such body 'dolls' or shells are fully biological and match in all ways the recipient's body. While technology exists to enhance all factors of the body, no such enhancement are made so that the individual will continue as before. The only cosmetic differences that are apparent relate to age. Surface mapping is meant to replicate an individual in old age and, after sufficient time, the body will slowly reverse back to mid age and then progress forward until it, like the original body, no longer can function.

Seran is an example of an individual who required Kei Ala Enam. In his 4th, 5th, 8th and final 12th incarnation, Seran required much more time to complete important spiritual missions. In his 8th incarnation he underwent this procedure twice to ultimately extend that incarnation to over 670 years!

Preview 1: The Great Temple of Odan

My latest work in progress model is, what will be, the first of three sections of The Great Temple of Odan.

Here you can see a portion of this first section which I am modelling first in LDD before building. This is the first time I've gone straight to LDD before building, but I think, given the complexity, that this approach needs to be taken. I have to say, I love working this way as I can use a good two hours I spend commuting each day, just building. It also dramatically streamlines the purchasing of new Lego as I can experiment without having to buy new pieces.

What you see here is about 10% of this first model. It is to be a giant spiritual city in which all Odanians visit weekly. So far, the model has 20,000 pieces to it.

The first installment will be a section of the temple city known as The Creation Chambers. Symbolically, it will speak toward the universal creative process – in particular, the creation of Odan. The first section begins with the inception of creation and will be represented by the powers that are involved in the creation of planets and planetary life. The massive building will have 6 lower spires and one central spire, representing the 6 archaic races which have – through billions of years of evolution – achieved angelic status. The final top spire is dedicated to the high angelic order in charge of world creation. Behind this will be a massive dome structure which represents Ci or Source Energy, the consciousness of all (what we might call God). In the foreground is a large city representing all universal races which, through prayer and meditation contribute directly and indirectly to the planetary creative process. 

The development of planets involves more than just the making of the planet, but also the genetic seeding and selective evolution of the planet. As evolution is engineered, a consensus will be reached for the path of the beings of highest consciousness. These generally take archetypical forms such as humanoid and cetacea. 

For Odanians, it is understood that it is Ci's desire that all consciousness play a part in the creative process. To that end, each section celebrates the different roles that are assigned to the different universal orders of consciousness.