Issis Mal Jin: Mountain Retreat

$115 (+S&H)


9.5cm x 9.5cm x 27.5cm

This 570 piece model is a limited edition art model of 200. The Lego system kit comes in a golden 'Odan' box with:

  • 570 Lego pieces
  • A signed, stamped and numbered certificate of authenticity
  • A stamped note on the history of the building
  • A lovely, 4"x6" stamped and signed art print of Odan Lego Work
  • A pdf building instructions

This beautiful mountaintop structure is the oldest functioning building in K’al Yne.
Dating from the end of the reconstruction period – only a few hundred years pre-Si – the retreat has been expanded on twice. In each expansion, the entrance hall was retained and is currently the only original section of the building.

The akashic shows this ancient structure functioned much like Issis Elb’ien – the Sanctuary Gate – currently does. Originally built on one of Odan’s energetic lines, the building served as a powerful monastery of the time. As Odan’s energy lines shifted to the current position of Issis Elb ‘ien, the status of the famed mountain retreat also changed.

For a brief period, Mal Jin (stripped of its monastic title, Issis) served to house the Tagi clan*. This marked the first large expansion of the building. From Mal Jin, the clan enjoyed beautiful views of all of K’al Yne and the bay. As the city grew, Mal Jin no longer suited the clan. Their move out of the structure 850 Si later marked the second and final expansion of Mal Jin.

Now, the historic building serves as a healing center serving the greater community. Here, patients not only enjoy the healing power of the specialized Seers, they also can take advantage of the quiet mountaintop retreat’s meditation centers where emotional trauma can be addressed. While formally known as Ara Mal Jin or ‘healing center’, Mal Jin is still referred to as Issis.

Most healing is taken care of either by individuals or family members through a form of meditation/prayer and hands on healing. Trauma accidents along with interplanetary and galactic disease must be dealt with outside the community’s basic healing powers. In such cases, expert Seers known as Araitals are consulted here, at Ara Mal Jin. Their powerful techniques keep K’al Yne a very healthy and happy place to be.

*The population of K’al Yne is divided into 18 clans or family lines. Each clan specializes in an array of professional tracks. Generally, members of clans reincarnate back into their clan. In this way, skills refined in previous incarnations can be intuitively accessed and built upon. Over time, the clans have evolved their practices into highly refined specializations. The Tagi clan is known for their physical and motor skills. They make excellent pilots, craftsman and builders.