Tel Enan: Seer’s Meditation Tower

$80 (+S&H)


8cm x 12.5cm x 19cm

This 260 piece model is a limited edition art model of 200. The Lego system kit comes in a golden 'Odan' box with:

  • 260 Lego pieces
  • A signed, stamped and numbered certificate of authenticity
  • A stamped note on the history of the building
  • A lovely, 4"x6" stamped and signed art print of Odan Lego Work
  • A pdf instruction manual

For over 5200 years, Tel Enan has graced the low cliffs above the southern bay.
At the time of its construction, this untouched area near K’Al Yne served as a place of meditation for many of the great Seers of the Mid Era. Fond descriptions of Tel Enan can be found in the early writings of Seran whose influence throughout Odan and neighboring planetary spiritual centers brought in a steady stream of visitors.

By the time of Seran’s twelfth and final incarnation in K’Al Yne, Tel Enan was no longer the quiet retreat it once had been. Schools, visitor centers and general urban growth took over the once remote area. To meet the needs of this growing city, a series of new meditation towers were built far along the coast and deep under the lake.* Shortly after Seran’s twelfth passing, Tel Enan began its transition to a teaching monastery and later a museum to preserve the many artifacts of Mid Era monastic life. Seran’s room remains as it was. Here, one could see the worn floor where his feet and toes – placed precisely in the same spot for centuries – had created deep indentations.

Now, once again, Tel Enan serves partially as a working monastery for the Increasingly varied roles of the Seers. With the exception of the Garden Keepers (who can be found in Issis Elb’ien – the great sanctuary gate), all manner of Seers participate here. Most importantly, Tel Enan serves as a retreat for all members of K’Al Yne and special dignitaries who visit. The order of Seers known as the Facilitators, guide visitors into extended trances where they can astrally project** to the great spiritual centers throughout the galaxy. In this way, visitors may participate in the spiritual life of millions of races throughout the span of time and space.

*One such center can be seen in the image poking out of the lake near the Tree of Life, where a transport vehicle is leaving.

**Astral projection is an experience gained through meditation where one can split their consciousness and leave the body – much like a ghost. Depending on the level of the trance, one can travel through space and time to witness (relive) events past, present and future (possibilities). Here on earth, this practice has extended from the earliest recorded cultures, early European, Mayan, Aboriginal, Native American and eastern cultures. This practice is once again entering the consciousness of western culture.