Y'DES EB SIRITH: Near Galactic Arts Museum


$230 (+S&H)

 12.5cm x 14.5cm x 18cm

This 1060 piece model is a limited edition art model of 200. The Lego system kit comes in a golden 'Odan' box with:

  • 1060 Lego pieces
  • A signed, stamped and numbered certificate of authenticity
  • A stamped note on the history of the building
  • A lovely, 4"x6" stamped and signed art print of Odan Lego Work
  • A pdf instruction manual

This massive 62 story building contains art collections and exhibitions found from
tens of thousands of worlds within the local galaxy cluster. It has been said that it can take a full year of visitations to get through the entire museum(s). Built in Si 10302 of the Tandor Dynasty (approximately 3400 years ago), the museum has been expanded 21 times. The architecture remains true to the original build which was based on the ancient Siamay Temples. The museum is comprised of one physical building and 4 others (not part of this model) found in different dimensions – according to the level the art was created in.

Works can be viewed physically, in spirit form and through Akasha* links. Physical pieces cover works of art made in the physical realm. Other works of art made by civilizations from higher dimensions are located in the four sister museums – connected to the physical one – but not part of the physical dimension. Visitors can quickly be induced into spirit consciousness to enter these museum extensions. Finally, link jumps can be found throughout the museum to specific points in the Akasha*. Here, visitors will be transported in spirit form to the place and past points of time to witness the creation and utilization of the works of art. Given that moving through the Akasha allows for the feelings and thoughts of the time to be experienced, it is an excellent opportunity to literally get inside the head of the artist at the moment of creation.

Y’des eb Sirth translates to “Eye of the Spirit.” It specializes in art which captures spiritual development, rituals and rites. The museum is divided into clusters that represent the relative spiritual development of the worlds that works come from. This is a broad spectrum covering the low vibrational worlds like Earth, up to the high vibrational worlds in which the inhabitants are near angelic in evolution.

*Akasha is an ancient Vedic word that means “primordial essence.” It is a dimension of reality on which every deed, thought, feeling and event is imprinted throughout time. Meditation to expanded consciousness is needed to access this. Once accessed, one can visit (in spirit form) any place in any point of time – past, present or future possibilities. Here, the viewer can not only view the experience, but also feel the feelings and hear the thoughts surrounding an event. Cultures from around Earth have accessed Akasha from ancient times on. This is also known as “The Book of Life” in the Bible where individuals’ records are accessed in the “life review.” The aboriginals call this Dream Time.