ISSIS ELB'IEN: Sanctuary Gate

$350 (+S&H)


12.5cm x 24cm x 33cm

This 1600 piece model is a limited edition art model of 200. The Lego system kit comes in a golden 'Odan' box with:

  • 1600 Lego pieces
  • A signed, stamped and numbered certificate of authenticity
  • A stamped note on the history of the building
  • A lovely, 4"x6" stamped and signed art print of Odan Lego Work
  • A pdf instruction manual

Built approximately 6500 years ago, Issis Elb’ien is the spiritual core of K’al Yne and visual
center to which most city views project towards. Its location was determined by virtue of the intersection of two powerful energy lines within the planetary field. This unique intersection has greatly contributed to K’al Yne’s success.

Issis Elb’ien is a symbolic marker of this holy spot and serves as a monastery for the specialized division of Seers known as the Garden Keepers. The Garden Keepers reside in this beautiful sanctuary and connect directly with the consciousness of Odan. Here, through prayer and meditation, they communicate with the spirit of Odan* and all plant life. This provides healing energy to help sustain the lush planet Odan. Additionally, their efforts add to the abundance of food that can be harvested by other types of Seers. The sanctuary garden is dominated by the massive Issi’ecian Trees from which spiritually energized melons are harvested. While found all throughout the region, the trees on this spot produce the most potent fruits.

The devotion that the Garden Keepers have shown over the millenia manifested one of the few Trees of Life on Odan. The massive tree structure has grown to around 100 stories next to the quiet banks of the lake. This Tree of Life offers the city permanent water purification. Spiritually, the tree brings wisdom and focus to all who meditate on it. The 14 Trees of Life throughout Odan work together to focus the planet’s energy, which generates a powerful healing force.

While much of Issis Elb’ien is off limits, the garden sanctuary surrounding it is a beautiful getaway for anyone searching for moments of beauty and relaxation. The air in the immediate area is sweet with the perfumes of the Sara flower, also known as the flower of life. (Sara is an off world flower seeded on countless planets – one distant variation being our Lotus flower.)

*Those in Odan have found that all of the universe is infused with consciousness and all matter contains spirit. Humanoids have humanoid spirit. Animals have animal spirit. Plants and rocks have plant and rock spirit. Even celestial bodies have celestial body spirit. All spirits are connected in consciousness and can communicate with each other telepathically, given the spiritual level of the particular entities involved. Eventually, all spirits are released through bodily decay where they will travel dimensionally to work toward their next reincarnation. It is this connected consciousness that the Seers tap into. Through lifetimes of training, they gain the capacity to communicate with all consciousness – whatever the form – and work to pass thought and energy to all in need.