Odan Prints

$135 (+S&H)


$60 (+S&H)

LARGE: 11.3" x 12.5" Limited to 500
POSTER: 24.5" x 26" Limited to 500

Each giclée print is printed on Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art archival paper using archival inks and includes

  • A signed, stamped and numbered print
  • A signed, stamped and numbered certificate of authenticity
The millennial celebration of the eternal choir at k'al yne, odan
This LEGO system model was built from 2011-2012 taking around 600 hours and over 200,000 pieces. It measures 6' x 6' x 4'. Such large scale works allow for an incredible amount of detail – which I pack into every square inch of the model. All pieces are unaltered LEGO with no other materials added. The spacecraft which seem to be floating are suspended using black LEGO hoses affixed to points on the model. Steps were taken to burn out the hose images which mostly appeared on black background. In a few cases in the foreground and in front of the buildings, the hoses were PS out.

One of Odan's great cultural icons is the Eternal Choir. Based in the small, but ancient town of K'al Yne, the choir has been singing uninterrupted for 1,000 years. Thousands of citizens participate a few hours a day forming an atmosphere filled with music. Now, the millennial celebration has come and visitors throughout this and many other galaxies have come to witness the event. Like many of the Great Choirs in the universe, music is sung both in the physical and astral. This has the effect of purifying elements, such as soil, water and air, preventing illnesses and promoting the growth of enhanced spiritual fruits – making for an especially high standard of living.

The architecture in K'al Yne was modeled after many of the spiritual centers from the old cultures in its galactic cluster. Buildings are mostly windowless which keep night light pollution to a minimum – a must for night meditation under the stars. "Windows" are projected through fiber optic like devices which open entire walls up completely to the outside. This technology brings in light, perfect views, cool breezes and the sounds of the city.