The Great Temple of Odan


Currently, I am working on the second installation of the Contact Series – a new epic Lego work
called, The Great Temple of Odan. I'm thinking this might be a mammoth 10k - 20k piece DIY set for
each section with a mini version of each which will be considerably smaller. Perhaps, I might make
three size versions of each – tiny, medium and XXL. This will be released in sections;  each section
can stand alone, or connect together for one very large piece.

Located a few miles outside of K'al Yne, this massive temple serves as a symbolic monument to the
process of life, spiritual mastery and progression. It's position was determined by the intersection of
natural planetary energy lines (Kie) that crisscross Odan. It is the only place on the planet where four such
lines cross, providing a powerful connection to the spirit of the planet. Built over 20,000 years ago,
the temple continues to inspire and inform initiates of the intricate balance of the universe.

The group of trained mystics – known as the Seer's – have worked continuously in the temple and
have seen to its care over the long span of years.

The first installment is the part of the temple known as the Creation Chambers. Within this section are three
distinct areas that represent aspects of the creative process. The first area is known as First Seed.
It portrays the original creative forces which came together to form Odan prime. We have Ci,
the Creator, as well as the Archaics, which teamed together for aspects of the creation as well as
the oversight of genetic evolution. The Archaics are six races which come from early universal
creation. After billions of years of enlightenment (no one knows how long), they form a group of light beings at an inconceivable level of spiritual and intellectual development. For countless eons they have existed
as beings of light.

The second area of the Creation section is known as Incarnation. This area portrays the different
orders of spirits that enter into physical form on Odan.

The third and final area of the Creation section is called Preservation. Here, we have the male and
female aspects of Odanians join to participate in the creative process – both through procreation
as well through personal endeavors. The masculine aspect is that of authority, management and  .
Whereas the female aspect is that of creativity, spiritual development and empathy.

The Temple of Odan is filled with multiple levels of symbolic interpretation only a few listed here.

A general symbolic map of the first section of
The Great Temple of Odan: The Creation Chambers