3rd Odan DIY Kit available on Pley

The Mor Eli Issis Dian model kit (along with 2 others) will be available on Pley for rent or purchase starting Feb 2015.

Mor Eli Issis Dian
Dock and Gate entrance to Dian with spacecraft
979 Pieces

This is one of the great entrance gates (known as Mor) leading to Issis Dian, home of the mysterious group of Seers known as Issi Vri Dian (the Grounded Ones). These Seers live deep underground throughout Odan. The caverns follow the uneven grid of invisible energy lines that crisscross all Odan.
The caverns follow the uneven grid of invisible energy lines that crisscross all Odan. This natural energy network travels throughout the planet providing the life force which governs growth and healing. Through meditation, these Seers focus their energies toward planetary growth. As they do this, plants flourish, water is purified and harmony is increased to an extremely high level in areas of focus.

Having spent their lives entirely underground, the Issi Vri Dian have evolved pure white skin and smaller eyes. They are able to ‘see’ psychically with their mind (or third eye) for the most part and have little use for physical eyes. One of the unfortunate aspects to their subterranean lifestyle is their inability to withstand the intensity of daylight. On rare occasion when an Issi Vri Dian needs resurface, it must be done at night.

Visitors, dignitaries and members of Sed Corps of Enlightenment can enter the great caverns by docking at ports on the gates – such as this one – and follow high-speed transports that carry them to important centers within the cavernous cities. Visitors will notice that the landing pad is a torch that is being held by an ancient mystical being known as the Ud’al. The Ud’al were enlightened beings originated when the universe was young. They created Odan and helped to seed the planet with life. This entrance, which stands nearly 60 stories high, symbolizes Odanians’ quest to further the development of the planet and cultivate the rich, lush environment to even higher levels of fruitfulness. 

This model and two others will be available though the Lego subscription site, Pley starting in Feb '15.


  1. Is there a delay on Pley? I am unable to find any of these odan sets there.

  2. Also, I would love to see some of your work over on moc.bricklink.com. I've already purchased a few small sets from there and these MOCs would be awesome to see there.

  3. Thanks for your interest Andrew! Yes, there is a delay at Pley as they draw up instructions for them. Should be a month or two maybe. You can see them on pleyworld.com. I'm not too familiar with BL's moc offerings and need to check them out. Thanks for pointing that out.