New Odan Model available through Pley!

This new model kit (along with 2 others) will be available on Pley for rent or purchase starting Feb '15.

Puna Da’Mi Ador
Lake island Puna
992 Pieces

Arising out of Odan’s deepest lake – the Lake of Reflections (da’Mi Ador) – stands a great puna of Odan. This puna stands about 40 stories high and is about the size of our great pyramid of Giza. 
It also extends as deep down into the volcanic island rock which quadruples its overall size. The massive puna structures, located strategically throughout Odan, passively collect and emit a special kind of energy which effects mood, health and the well-being of inhabitants. The huge, precise geometric chambers throughout each puna have been designed to harness energy frequencies that are natural to the planet. Through a process of passive amplification, these special energies are broadcast great distances to enhance the lifestyles of Odanians everywhere.

While much of Puna Da’Mi Ador are empty energy collection chambers, there are living quarters for hundreds of individuals. These people work to maintain the puna and infuse crystals which are brought into the structure for purification. By attuning the crystals to the different frequencies emitted by the puna, workers can create powerful crystals for use throughout Odan. These cyrstals can aid in healing, be used for transportation, levetation and focusing of beams for manufacturing.

Puna Da’Mi Ador is an extremely quiet, peaceful place. It is also very isolated. Located far within the Lake of Reflections, residents use their powers of levetation to float over the lake to reach distant communities. The air and energy is so pure in this region that very few are allowed. If one is not prepared, the effect of the local high energy atmosphere can be overwhelming. One must be of extremely high attunement and reflection to enter the area of this great puna. The rewards of spiritual devotion needed to survive this area are great, though. Residents of Puna Da’Mi Ador live much longer, happier lives then most. 

This model and two others will be available though the Lego subscription site, Pley starting in Feb '15.

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