Another Odan Model available through Pley

The Sa'Ohr birthing center model kit (along with 2 others) will be available on Pley for rent or purchase starting Feb 2015.

East and west birthing centers
990 Pieces

Located deep within the tranquil forests of Odan, the beautiful Sa’Ohr birthing centers can be found. They are instantly recognizable by their ornate double temple format. This iconic structure represents the two types of births all experience – from spirit to physical body and physical body to spirit.
Just as the sun moves from east to west – disappearing briefly at night only to rise again, so too are births marked in the East and West Temples. Babies are delivered in the east structure and aged individuals go to retire to the western structure. Thus, the cycle of life is captured both symbolically and physically within the beautiful temple designs. The typical design of a Sa’Ohr uses dramatic shifts of wall planes to cast shadows that move with the sun. As light filters into the temples through the many columned and windowed vaults, beams of light dance from the ceiling throughout the day as moonlight glides down at night.

Like many buildings on Odan, the Sa’Ohr extend deep into the ground, making for very massive structures. Underground chambers connect with elegant pools of water, flowing channels and spectacular waterfalls which the ceremonies center around. Both events are marked with great celebration. For newborn babies, families and friends gather to celebrate and greet. Celebrations involve singing, swimming, eating, playing games and laughing. Typically, this celebration can last 2 - 4 days. There is a naming and blessing ceremony as well as events where Seers foretell special abilities and challenges in store for the newborn based on the position of the stars and planets.

Many years later, when an individual has lived a long and fruitful life and the body has grown tired, he or she will choose to exit the body in the West Temple to become, once again, directly connected to the spirit world. Days are spent with friends and family, reminicing the good times, the struggles and the accomplishments of a rich, full life. At a given time, the retiring individual will meditate on a platform surrounded by waterfalls and release their spirit from the body, which can be witnessed by all. From there, a new celebration begins as the community sings to the exiting spirit. The music is rich and full as angelic spirits sing and welcome this ‘newborn’ back into the spirit world. Much like the sun will rise again, so too will the individual return one day in the East Temple to be born again to a new family and live once more a physical life on Odan.

This model and two others will be available though the Lego subscription site, Pley starting in Feb '15.

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