The mystical world of Odan is a fascinating bridge between many concepts that I enjoy – consciousness, spirituality and ETs.
This story allows exploration into these timeless mystical principles which have found common roots throughout disparate cultures in our history. As quantum physics delves into issues of entanglement, non-locality and superposition, mystical principles long known by meditators are finding a way into scientific investigation.

Concurrently, consciousness research is providing conclusive results in the effects that conscious thought can have over matter. Researchers such as Russell Targ and Ingo Swann – with the militiary's 35+ year research / remote viewing program – have successfully documented extending awareness over distance and time. Others, such as Rupert Sheldrake, offer evidence of animals’ ability to sense human intentions from distances. Dean Radin has spent his lifetime documenting psi effects in a controlled laboratory climate to odds against chance going into the trillions. These and many more pioneering researchers suggest a world far more rich and exciting than we are led to believe through the materialistic science point of view.

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