New Glossary Entry: Kei Ala Enam (Body Dolls)

SERAN from his 8th incarnation

FROM THE ODAN GLOSSARY: Kel Ala Enam (translated: Body Dolls) are bioengineered clones meant to replace aging bodies.

Under certain extreme conditions individuals may find that they need to remain on the planet for extended periods. When such cases arise, a body can be grown to receive the consciousness of the older body. The harvesting process generally takes 10-20 years to grow a body. This time is needed in order to facilitate a smooth transfer so that the incoming consciousness will readily take to the new body.

Such body 'dolls' or shells are fully biological and match in all ways the recipient's body. While technology exists to enhance all factors of the body, no such enhancement are made so that the individual will continue as before. The only cosmetic differences that are apparent relate to age. Surface mapping is meant to replicate an individual in old age and, after sufficient time, the body will slowly reverse back to mid age and then progress forward until it, like the original body, no longer can function.

Seran is an example of an individual who required Kei Ala Enam. In his 4th, 5th, 8th and final 12th incarnation, Seran required much more time to complete important spiritual missions. In his 8th incarnation he underwent this procedure twice to ultimately extend that incarnation to over 670 years!

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