Preview 1: The Great Temple of Odan

My latest work in progress model is, what will be, the first of three sections of The Great Temple of Odan.

Here you can see a portion of this first section which I am modelling first in LDD before building. This is the first time I've gone straight to LDD before building, but I think, given the complexity, that this approach needs to be taken. I have to say, I love working this way as I can use a good two hours I spend commuting each day, just building. It also dramatically streamlines the purchasing of new Lego as I can experiment without having to buy new pieces.

What you see here is about 10% of this first model. It is to be a giant spiritual city in which all Odanians visit weekly. So far, the model has 20,000 pieces to it.

The first installment will be a section of the temple city known as The Creation Chambers. Symbolically, it will speak toward the universal creative process – in particular, the creation of Odan. The first section begins with the inception of creation and will be represented by the powers that are involved in the creation of planets and planetary life. The massive building will have 6 lower spires and one central spire, representing the 6 archaic races which have – through billions of years of evolution – achieved angelic status. The final top spire is dedicated to the high angelic order in charge of world creation. Behind this will be a massive dome structure which represents Ci or Source Energy, the consciousness of all (what we might call God). In the foreground is a large city representing all universal races which, through prayer and meditation contribute directly and indirectly to the planetary creative process. 

The development of planets involves more than just the making of the planet, but also the genetic seeding and selective evolution of the planet. As evolution is engineered, a consensus will be reached for the path of the beings of highest consciousness. These generally take archetypical forms such as humanoid and cetacea. 

For Odanians, it is understood that it is Ci's desire that all consciousness play a part in the creative process. To that end, each section celebrates the different roles that are assigned to the different universal orders of consciousness.




  1. Hello,

    First I wanted to let you know that the link to "The Creation Chambers" is broken. I think it's trying to direct us to the page from which we would edit whatever page you're trying to link to (which obviously doesn't work since only you have permission to edit your own blog.)

    Second I was wondering if it would be possible to purchase build instructions for your MOCs in their entirety (the upcoming one discussed here and "Contact 1") if someone wanted to spend 600 hours and 200,000 pieces making an exacting reconstruction of your incredible art.

    Thank you,
    - - Chris Witham

    1. Thanks Chris for your enthusiasm!
      I think I deleted that section in the end, so I removed the link.
      In terms of instructions for 200,000 pieces. That would take many, many thousands of hours to create instructions to a piece that I have since dismantled. I build without plans, very fluidly. Just building the original probably took 600-800 hours alone.