Welcome to Odan – a mystical, fantastical world where mind, body and spirit all play equal parts in the lives of a vast collective of intelligent races.

Based on the Lego model (seen to the left) that I built in 2013, this world is part of a broader expanding story which this site is devoted to. This 200,000+ piece Lego model is the first in a series called Contact, that will explore this universe with all its wonders. 

Over the next few years, I plan to develop more epic pieces, which will round out aspects of this world. The next piece in the Contact Series – now in the planning phases – is called The Great Temple of Odan and will be created in three separate phases. The first phase will be The Creation Chambers. You can read more about this here. Additionally, available on this site only, you will find DIY LEGO kits of Odan as well as prints for sale.

Please stop back as I will be updating the site with new content and updates. I hope you will enjoy!



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